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Fractional and Non-Equity Aircraft Ownership for Businesses

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Want to procure a business aircraft without the compromises? Call on Alpha Aviation Solutions for professional advice and services regarding fractional and non-equity ownership. Aircraft ownership brings many benefits, including the flexibility to fly from whichever airport or airfield you wish, rather than commuting between airline services. Furthermore, the privacy of your aircraft will enable you to openly discuss business with colleagues while in the air. Whatever your business requirements, Alpha Aviation Solutions provide expert advice and services. Get in touch today to discover more.


━ Fractional Ownership

Shared aircraft ownership is an ideal solution for small or medium-sized enterprises, bringing many of the advantages of whole ownership, without the massive upfront capital requirements and the responsibility of training and managing a pilot and operations crew. Plus, you will be able to take off and land as close to your destination as possible, saving you time on airline travel.


━ Non-Equity Ownership

If fractional or shared ownership is not in your company’s budget, a non-equity scheme may be the best option. Although you don’t own a share in the aircraft, you pay a monthly fee that represents a significantly reduced hourly rate compared to airline travel. Plus, fractional ownership is still an option if this solution works for you.

Flying for Business

Business aircraft ownership options include fractional or shared ownership and non-equity schemes.

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