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Need help with financing your aircraft ownership? At Alpha Aviation Solutions, we use an extensive panel of lenders to offer tailored finance options when you purchase a new or pre-owned aircraft. We also help to raise finance using your existing assets as security. Once your finance is approved, we will liaise with the seller, whether a dealership or a private client, to arrange for funds to be transferred at a time that suits you. Whether you’re looking for your first light aircraft or a fleet of helicopters, contact John or Steve today to get started.


━ Arranging Finance

Alpha Aviation Solutions can arrange finance for aircraft registered in the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and the US Federal Aviation (FAA) as well as the equivalent for the Isle of Man/ Guernsey and Ireland. Our panel lend towards a wide range of aircraft and aviation-related equipment, including:

Finance - Arranging Finance

  • Executive Jets

  • Light Sports Aircraft

  • Turboprops

  • Cabin Class Aircraft

  • Airships

  • Seaplanes

  • Gliders

  • Helicopters

  • Engines

  • Engine Overhauls

  • Airfield Equipment

  • Flight Simulators

  • Single and Ultimate Piston Engine Aircraft


━ Hire and Lease Purchases

Typically lasting up to 5 years, finance takes the form of either a Hire purchase or Lease purchase. Hire purchases have fixed interest rates and fixed monthly payments, enabling you to take full ownership once all payments are made. On the other hand, Lease purchases have the same fixed rates but with a final balloon payment, which is not a guaranteed future value.

━ Other Finance Options

Alternate finance options to raise funds may include revolving credit facilities and invoicing finance.

These may also provide short term solutions to allow initial purchases at auctions where the aircraft or equipment are not known in advance.

━ Terms of Finance

Aircraft can be used for air charter or commercial use under the terms of lending, provide the lender is aware. Please be aware that all aircraft and equipment that we finance must be comprehensively insured.

Furthermore, when lending, an affordability check will be undertaken by the lender. This is to ensure that the loan, interest, maintenance, insurance, and hangarage of the aircraft are not going to cause financial distress.

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With a range of tailored finance options available, we pay close attention to all your requirements.

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